Disc harrow and disc plow difference

Frequently asked by customers about the disc harrow and disc plow in the end what is the difference, and now I will introduce the difference between disc harrow and disc plow.

The simplest to say is that the disc plow is used for turning  the  ground , and the disc harrow is used for further crushing on the turned over ground.

The main difference between disc plow and disc harrow:

First, the operation object and the role  of different tools: disc plow is mainly used for plowing the unclaimed land operations, disc harrow for the ground has been crushed earth work.

Second, there are different ways to connect with  the locomotive: disc plow is a three-point hanging,   disc harrow has a large traction type,  there are small hanging.

Third, the structure of the machine and work force situation is different:  disc plow is like (or is) at three o'clock plow mounted plowshare hanging position, 攺Install two to several disc plow and trowel The structure of the device is equipped with a tail wheel with balanced lateral pressure,  and the crew is subjected to  a large lateral pressure during the operation. The disc harrow is composed of a tow frame, a harrow frame and a plurality of disc groups symmetrically arranged under the harrow frame  Worn on a square axis  for a group) composition , work  load relatively balanced .

Fourth, the main components of the working parts and devices are different:  due to the soil ,  crushing and tilling the performance of the higher requirements of the disc plow structural strength higher, disc plow disc spherical concavity (small radius  of curvature) Disk edge thickness of 0.5-1mm, blade angle is  generally 12 degrees ,   disk plow work,  the disk plane and the direction of advance 40-45 degrees declination angle, and the vertical plane into a 15-25 degrees tilt; disc harrow Work load is relatively balanced , soil performance requirements in general,  the requirements of the disc in addition to a certain intensity outside the main is better wear resistance, disc spherical concavity is relatively small (radius of curvature) , the thickness of the disc edge 0.3-0.8mm,   the  working angle of 0-10 degrees , no inclination.

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