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New disc plow

一直以来广大农机用户,尤其是东北地区的用户对驱动圆盘犁真是“万千宠爱与一身”。但是驱动圆盘犁一次次的提高技术,不断地革新,但是始终无法彻底解决的“鸡肋”就是圆盘犁齿轮箱的使用寿命,我曾经一个客户一个忙季想我购买了多次齿轮,齿轮的磨损,齿轮油跟不上就磨损,还有的会有偏牵引问题,种种问题困扰着水田农机用户。  就在这个时候由红日机械研发的无需动力驱动的新款圆盘犁隆重上市。前期同事销售的很好,目前这个前
Has been the majority of agricultural users, especially users in the Northeast to drive disc plow really "thousands of pets and one." However, driving disc plow time and again to improve the technology, continuous innovation, but has always been unable to completely solve the "tasteless" is the disc plow gearbox life, I used to be a customer a busy season I purchased a number of gear, gear Wear and tear, gear oil can not keep up the wear and tear, there will be partial traction problems, all kinds of problems plague paddy farm machinery users.
At this time by the red machine developed R & D power-driven new disc plows grand launch. Good sales of previous colleagues, the current prospects should be better. Fundamentally solve the problem of drive plow gear box, do not have to worry about gear wear, no longer need drive shaft. Only need to hang the tractor at three o'clock.
Red Sun machinery perennial commitment to the development of disc plow, hoping to have more and better products listed.