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Disc plow for improving the efficiency of the production contribution?


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Disc plow for improving the efficiency of the production contribution?

圆盘犁与拖拉机全悬挂连接配套,作业时犁片旋转运动,对土壤进行耕翻作业,特别适用于杂草丛生,茎杆直立,土壤比阻较大,土壤中有砖石碎块等复杂农田的耕翻作业。具有不缠草,不阻塞、不壅土,能够切断作物茎杆和克服土壤的砖石碎块、工作效率高、作业质量好,调整方便、简易耐用等特点。 为了更好地适应行业需求,圆盘犁在设计时采用独特的理念,可提高其生产效率。圆盘犁每个部件都经过精心设计,安装连接坚固可靠,在工作过程
Disk plow and tractor full suspension connection, work plow rotary motion, soil plowing operation, especially for weeds, stems upright, the soil resistance is relatively large, the soil is broken brick and other complex Farmland plowing the homework. The utility model has the characteristics of non-hand-wound, non-blocking and soil-free, capable of cutting crop stalks and masonry pieces to overcome the soil, high work efficiency, good work quality, convenient adjustment, simple and durable and the like.
In order to better meet the needs of the industry, disc plow in the design of a unique concept, can improve their production efficiency. Each part of the disc plow has been carefully designed, installation and connection firm and reliable, in the course of their work, you can clearly see each part of the working condition.
In addition, the dislocation design of the front and rear disc harrows of the disc plow and the overall symmetrical design of the X-shaped harrow blades on both sides can be adjusted in working angle, one gutter disc is arranged on each side of the back row, Ensure the maximum working width, compact structure, easy adjustment, left and right balance, low center of gravity and reasonable distribution, work and driving stability, easy to turn left and right after work without tillage, surface roughness, ground and stubble good ground rotation Small radius, are effective in improving the efficiency of production.
    Disc plow for the horizontal swing structure, suitable for farming area of ​​dry land plowing, especially suitable for plowing high yield green manure and rice, wheat stubble back to the field. Plow through the performance of soil into a good performance, soil, cover the quality of agricultural production to meet the technical requirements, and with farming resistance, easy operation adjustment and so on.