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Disc harrow is a rising star of farming machinery


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Disc harrow is a rising star of farming machinery

Disc harrow is a rising star of farming machinery and is widely used in most countries and regions in the world. And as the evaluation of farming implements is getting higher and higher, disc harrows are no less important than plowshares in a considerable number of countries today. The reason why disc harrows can be rapidly developed and popularized is that they require less power and work efficiency than plowshare and can be "harrowed" to save energy and avoid over-tilting the soil, and rakes After the soil can be fully mixed, with the promotion of soil microbial activity and chemical decomposition. Also has the stubble ability, good soil crushing effect, work resistance, high production efficiency, low operating costs, help maintain soil moisture and improve the quality of planting and so on.
Disc harrows have a strong ability of soil cutting and crushing, and are suitable for soil preparation in the more viscous soil. Since the harrow blades of the disc harrow can cut off the roots and stubbles and stir the topsoil, it can also be used after harvesting Shallow tillage. Disc rake by the rake group, rake and adjustment agencies. The work of the disk harrow is carried out by the rake group. The configuration of the rake group has two types of opposing type and offset type. Rake wear on a square axis is the main part of the rake group, which is the same as the disc plow, is also a spherical disc, is shallow into the soil, the edge of the disc ground into a blade edge, and has a certain degree of concavity Also known as curvature) of its degree of concavity, the impact of blade into the soil and broken ability, the same diameter of the blade, concave degree of soil and soil crushing ability.
Disk rake operation, the rake group should be at an angle with the forward direction, called the declination. Declination, deep into the soil, soil crushing ability, so a variety of disc harrows are equipped with angle adjustment mechanism, adjust the range, with the blade diameter varies, generally 0-20 degrees. It should be noted here that the disk plow work in addition to a declination angle, while the disk harrows only a declination angle on it. In addition, the disc harrow depth of the soil is also related to its weight, so the rake group is equipped with aggravating plate, you can also increase the depth of access to increase soil.
Disc harrow per meter width of the working resistance and tillage, soil specific resistance, land conditions, operating speed. Disc harrow diameter of 660mm heavy disc harrow in the general soil conditions, the depth of 12 ~ 18cm, the breadth of the width of the resistance of 6 ~ 8kN. According to the size of the tractor power, the working resistance of the machine, the longitudinal stability of the unit and the transportation requirements, the working width of the machine is 6.3m.