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Disc harrow is gradually into the tens of thousands of households


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Disc harrow is gradually into the tens of thousands of households

圆盘耙适用于耕后碎土、播前整地、土肥混合和中轻质土壤的灭茬作业。该耙采用焊接方形管为主体的整体式耙架,结构简单,刚性好,并装有液压起落的运输胶轮和滚动轴承组合,结构合理,坚固耐用,运输方便,易于调整,便于维护保养。  圆盘犁做为农业机械设备安全是重点,是完成好生产任务的首要条件,只有不断加强安全保养工作,才能杜绝或减少事故的发生,才能创造较好的经济效益,圆盘犁逐渐的走进千家万户,但在使用时,一定要
Disc harrow for tillage broken soil, sowing before soil preparation ,  soil fertilizers and light stubble soil stubble operation. The harrow has the advantages of simple structure, good rigidity, combined with hydraulic rubber tire and rolling bearing combined  with hydraulic lifting , reasonable structure, durable, easy to transport, easy to adjust and easy to maintain and maintain.
Disc plow as the focus of agricultural machinery and equipment  safety is the primary condition to complete the production task,  and only by continuously enhancing safety and maintenance work in order to eliminate or reduce the incidence of accidents in order to  create better  economic efficiency , disc plow gradual Into thousands of households,  but in use,  we must pay attention to  safety, disc plow after work should pay attention to the power of the engine  to reach rated horsepower rated speed,  the minimum should not  be  less than 95%  of the rated fuel consumption  Rate  should  not exceed the rated standard, speed should meet the technical parameters,  the engine starts easily , works well, no abnormal noise, exhaust color  is  normal.