Disc harrows the correct way to use the three methods

Over the years the company has been engaged in agricultural machinery with disc harrows, disc plow, disc, plow, soil shovel development of research. Accumulate more than 10 years of production experience, the main production to the country's major tractor manufacturers supporting farming machinery, planting machinery, harvesting machinery and accessories, supporting the professional equipment factory, the main products are for 12 ~ 160HP tractor matching disc harrow,  disc Plows , lawn mowers, rotary  cultivators ,  plows , plows and farm machinery accessories , such as harrows , plows , loosening shovels, rake teeth, sugar cane knives. The complete range of product specifi cations ,  excellent performance, quality and reliable.

Disc rake hydraulic offset heavy rake to absorb the advantages of similar foreign advanced products, according to the standard design, the whole machine with modular structure, mainly for farmland before tillage, to break the surface knot, straw chopped back, tillage broken Soil, soil moisture  and other operations, in place on the plots can also plow soil plowing operation. Disk harrow operation efficiency, soil crushing ability, surface roughness after the rake, soil loose, to the heavy soil ,  wasteland and  weeds and more plots with strong adaptability.

Disc harrow the correct use of the three major methods:

First, the rake divides the plot into equally wide cells, similar to the tillage method.   The method can  avoid turning a small bend, high work efficiency, the main trip is along the direction of arable land work, work resistance is small, flat effect is poor, suitable for more loose, flat soil.

Second, the shuttle harrow is similar to the prismatic rotary tilting method. The law is relatively simple  , the unit to turn the corner in the field ,  it is reserved for longer.

Third, the direction of the rake rake unit and the direction of arable land at an angle ,  preferably 45 degrees ,  it is also known as tilting rake.  The Act actually rakes twice,  good effect in the ground. However, the walking route is complicated and the skilled operator must be proficient in order to avoid missing rake or heavy rake .

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Disc harrow absorbs the advantages of similar foreign advanced products, according to the standard design, the whole machine adopts modular structure, the overall rigid harrow as the main body, equipped with hydraulic landing gear, spring leveling mechanism and disk harrow dedicated Spherical ball bearings within the spherical spherical bearing, disc harrow with a reasonable structure, durable, easy transport, small radius of rotation, easy to adjust, maintenance and so on.

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I came to Hongri machinery has been more than 4 years ago , did not understand the agricultural machinery, maybe many people wonder how a girl interested in agricultural machinery.I still remember when I was young , I had a tractor or a 12-horsepower single-cylinder tractor.

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Disc harrows are the main modes of use for premium mechanized conservation tillage. Disc harrow to meet the growing conditions of crops on the basis of minimizing field operations, straw crushing, stubble coverage, stubble coverage  should be not less than 30%, disc harrow mechanized and semi-mechanized measures to ensure the quality of planting.

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Our company - Yucheng Hongri Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces disc plows, disc harrows, plows, lawn mowers, trailers, rotary tillers, ridging plows, sowing machines Machine, and various types of harrows, plows, plow parts - plow, ploughshare and so on.