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Disc plow dedicated to tractor use


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Disc plow dedicated to tractor use

圆盘犁是一种悬挂式农机,专用于拖拉机上使用,是铧式犁的升级品种,作业时犁片旋转运动,用来破碎土块,翻耕灭茬,能够切断作物根茎,打碎土层中的砖块,特别实用于杂草丛生的荒地开垦。  圆盘犁具有不缠草,不阻塞、不壅土,能够切断作物茎杆、克服土壤中的砖石碎块、工作效率高。圆盘犁包括左臂壳体、左支臂、齿轮箱、传动齿轮、啮合套、操纵杆、链轮箱、圆盘轴和圆盘片,操纵杆安装在齿轮箱上,并与啮合套连接,还包括左箱体
Disc plow is a hanging farm machinery, dedicated to the tractor on the use of the plow is an upgrade of varieties, plow rotary blade operation , used to crush clods , tillage , cut off crops rhizomes, crushed soil In the bricks, especially useful for weedy wasteland reclamation.
Disc plow has not wrapped the grass, does not block, does not soil,  can cut off the crop stalks , to overcome the brick in the soil fragments,  high efficiency.  The disc plow comprises a left arm shell , a left arm , a gear box , a transmission gear , a meshing sleeve, a joystick , a chain wheel box , a disc axle and a disc disc . The joystick is mounted on the gear box and is connected with the engagement sleeve , Also comprises a left box , a driving shaft , a right box body , a driven shaft , a driving bevel gear and a passive bevel gear. The transmission gear is sheathed on the driving shaft , the engaging sleeve is sheathed on the driving shaft , the driving bevel gear is fixed on  the driving shaft Output end,  and meshed with the bevel gear. The bevel gear is fixed on the input end of the driven shaft, and the driving sprocket and the driven sprocket are installed in the gear box. Both the  driving sprocket and the driven sprocket are double sprockets,  The driving sprocket and the driven sprocket are connected through double chains , the driving sprocket is fixedly connected with the output end of the driven shaft, and the driven sprocket is fixedly connected with the circular shaft .
Disc plow plow frame using high-quality steel as the main  body, all welded together, the structure is simple, rigid,  durable, and in the bearing plate bearing assembly  , the tail wheel are equipped with tapered roller bearings, so that resistance is reduced , homework efficient.  Disk plow rotary operation of the plow operation, the soil plowing, with no production of unwinding, non-obstruction,  not soil , can cut off crop stalks , rhizomes  , not afraid of soil in the brick fragments, the work of small resistance Better than the characteristics of the plowshare , it is especially suitable for overgrown,  stems everywhere , the soil resistance is greater, the soil is broken brick and other farmland conditions complicated farmland operations. High work efficiency , good work quality, easy adjustment , reliable and durable.