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Strengthening disc rake production technology to catch up with foreign advanced level


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Strengthening disc rake production technology to catch up with foreign advanced level

禹城红日生产的中型圆盘耙吸收了国内外同类产品的优点,按部颁标准设计、整体采用组合式结构。以短形焊接管整体式刚性耙架为主体,调整方便,是国内较先进的圆盘耙产品。  中型圆盘耙适用于耕后碎土,播前整理,土肥混合和轻中质土壤的灭茬作业。该机具结构简单,坚固耐用,保养宜行,入土碎土性能好,耙后地表平整、土壤松碎、功率合理、作业效率高,能满足细作的农艺要求。  多年来,禹城红日机械厂家一直从事农业机械配套用
 Yucheng Hongri production of medium-sized disc harrow absorb the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, according to ministerial standards design, the overall use of modular structure. The short rigid welded pipe rigid harrow as the mainstay, easy to adjust, is the more advanced disc harrow products.
 Medium-sized disc harrows are suitable for tillage, pre-sowing, soil-fertilizer mixing and light-medium soil stubble operation. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, sturdiness and durability, proper maintenance, good earthwork breaking performance, surface roughness after the rake, loose soil, reasonable power and high operation efficiency, and can meet the requirements of fine workmanship.
Over the years, Yucheng Hongri machinery manufacturers have been engaged in the development of agricultural machinery supporting the use of knives, based on international standards, the use of international counterparts advanced technology organizations, we adhere to the above quality. Reasonable prices, the fastest speed, service Market, to provide customers with the most satisfactory service, a good supporting role, always waiting for the user's call. Work together for a better future!