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Corporate Culture


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Corporate Culture

[ Enterprise purpose ] 
People-orientation , seeking truth from facts, integrity and efficiency, harmony and innovation, characteristic management , comprehensive service , open market, reciprocity and mutual benefit , struggle and enterprising.
[ Enterprise pursuit ]
Diligence and self-improvemen , dedication to social commitment; The best staff, the fastest efficiency, the most stringent standards; We are committed to the creation of excellent quality, full of impressive strength, improvement of the product structure, and strive to build a strong agricultural brand and to become the industry pacesetter .
[ Enterprise policy ] 
Guided by advanced concept and model of enterprise management, we advocate morality and pragmatism, honesty, dedication, preciseness and strength , solidarity . 
[ Enterprise principles ] 
We seek survival by quality , and develop by reputation . We believe that quality is the root of the survival of Hongri,and the quality is the source of the development of our company . We promise to provide the best products and services for our customers with our own high sense of responsibility. 
[ Enterprise concept ] 
Create opportunities for employees, create benefits for enterprises and create value for society.
[ Enterprise self motivation ]
We believe that confidence will change the future, and our company will move towards the top of the industry with full enthusiasm , high spirit and vigorous pace . Doing business in the commercial market is just like sail against the current , we must move forward or we will fall behind. We are sure that we will succeed in this fast - changing business market.